eicar virus test fail

Have benn searching for solution for the whole evening, but my CIS still can’t find anything in eicar files :frowning:

What CIS version do you have? 3.10?

yes latest. I also downloaded Trojan Simulator and the files were automatically quarantined, so it seems like antivirus is working. I just don’t know how properly it is working…

Do you have “Automatically quarantine threats found during scanning”?
If so uncheck it and try eicar test file again.

unchecked, but nothing has changed. I’m not actually really worried about this test, maybe there are some other tests or whatever, so that i know that antivirus actually protects me? ;D

There was a bug a cuple weeks ago that made eicar not be detected, it made half the database missing.

Goto: C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\scanners and check the size of Bases.cav

Please post the size.


Bases.cav is 61.8 MB

It should be 94.2 with 1546 screenshot below.

[attachment deleted by admin]

hmmm and what should I do? ??? Reinstall?

And I guess this brings up a worrying point…

Why isn’t CIS itself checking to make such the database is not corrupt? 88)

It wont hurt CIS to do a Checksum of the DB againt the DB on the servers.

Yes a Reistall will be the best way to fix this. After the Reinstall check the size again an post.

everything works fine now! Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

I olso tryed on that eicar test virus and comodo doont detect nothing version of CIS is 3.10,Bases.cav size is 96.2mb.And during instalation of CIS it asked me to scan my Computer i decide to do scan then it downloaded huge updates like 90+ mb after restart windows vidows notification that anti virus is out of date clicked update again it started to download 96 mb of updates again duno is this normal can someone explain me.

When i reinstalled comodo it started updating antivirus database, then asked to restart computer, and after restart I noticed that database wasn’t updated, so I updated it again (kinda long), after that everything was ok.

LOL,i have the same problem! i will reinstall