Eicar testfile , Comodo not responding

Yesterday i found out , that if i started my computer , Comodo would not appear in my tray bar , in the bottom right.

But when i opened taskmanager , Comodo did run , why didnt it run in the traybar as usual ?

And today , it did start again , but now i ran a testfile from Eicar , and it did not respond , to some it responds , and some Eicar files it does not respond.

I use Comodo IS , and i do not have other antivirus programs installed , only Panda Url Filter but that is for the browser.

I have Filehippo Update Checker starting with the computer , and Secunia Software Inspector and Roboform and Comodo , that is whats starting with my computer.

I did a diagnostic test in Comodo , but it did not find problems , i tried to update it , it was the current version.

What do i have to do ? because i want to be protected , and not ‘‘half’’.

Which files didn’t it respond to? Because some of those files (like the .txt file) are only there so you can download the test file if your AV isn’t letting you download the actual ‘virus’ file. You are expected to rename this file after it is on your system. Since a .txt file isn’t executable, the AV will not give you an alert for this file.

Weird , today i opened ALL the files again , including the .txt file , and it DID give me a popup , while yesterday it did only give a alert on some files , do not exactly remember which and which not.

That was not consistent , can anybody explain what could be wrong ?

May be cfp.exe was not running. Not having the CIS shield in the systray may indicate that.

On an important side note. With Windows XP icons may not be shown for no apparent reason ( that is a shortcoming of XP). There are also reports from Win 7 x64 where the CIS shield is not in the systray where cfp.exe is running.