Eicar test File

The new comodo internet security does not detect eicar anymore. Can anyone tell me why or is it just my computer? Virus Database Version: 1316.

Comodo detects Eicar if it is configured properly.
What defense+ and antivirus settings are you using?

PS. Make sure you have set appropriate security settings after you install CIS, especially make sure you have run “stealth ports wizard” and choose “stealth all ports”. Comodo has a major problem when it comes to “out of the box” protection. It does not have adequate default protection and trying to set the protection is NOT intuitive. They really need to improve this major problem. I have proposed a setting wizard on install that would make sure that security is adequately configured before CIS is started for the first time.

Which Eicar are you downloading that does not get caught? The .txt, the .com, eicarcom.zip or eicarcom2.zip?

Do notice that CIS does not have a webshield and will not alert while downloading. Only accessing a folder which holds Eicar or trying to open it produce an alert.

Thanks EricJH,
I did forget to mention that. If the antivirus is activated and the eicar file is accessed (not just downloaded), then it is detected. It seems that there may have been rare circumstances when Eicar may not have been detected, but the reasons why this occured are unclear (see posts here, here, and here).