eicar test failed

i installed comodo internet security( V 4.1) premium on 20/7/2010.i tested it with eicar test by downloading the test file from eicar.org. it failed to detect the file except for the first test file.i am using the av setting as below
real time sc…on access
defence+ paranoid mode
firewall custom policy mode

yes, unfortunately comodo antivirus doesnt scan archives with its guard scanning.

thats one of the reasons why i am using another antivirus.

CIS does not have a web shield that will scan files as they are being downloaded. Files will get scanned when they are opened, moved or when a folder is accessed with Explorer f.e.

Not having additional shields as web shield, p2p shield , IM shield, etc helps to keep CIS low on usage of resources. That’s by design.

most Av solutions are going to that now, just look at norton, they are basically using the same scanning comodo uses, no web shileds or all of that, now becasue of that they have finally make it much lighter on the system.

i do wish Comodo had an optional web shield.

You can make that a wish in the Wish Board.

;D Guss what CIS v.5 RC1 detects every EICAR Test file at the very moment it downloads. :-* now i think there is no further need for any separate web-shield, comodo av is soooo quick…

many people have many different opinions but i think comodo need no any web shield. I know many friends of mine who disabled on purpose web shield of avira pro because it slows your internet. Lots of users whine about how KIS slows down their internet browser. So i think COMODO is great the way it works now. And version 5 is a step in a correct direction.

want to know why because V5 has better unpacking technology and it can easily open up files and look inside of them.

So finally CIS can scan archives! it’s really good news and serious antivirus improvement :slight_smile: :-TU

Good to hear. Any idea when version 5 will become available? I love to try Comodo again.

It is scheduled for September 14.