Effective adware scanning and cleaning for CIS (and CCE)

1. What actually happened or you saw:
Currently, CIS/CCE AV engine is not effective at all at finding and deleting adware (browsers modifications, modified shortcuts, services, addons etc.)

2. What you wanted to happen or see:
Unwanted software bundled with many legit software is problem no. 1 these days.Among my firends, I always find a hijacked browser, homepage changed, adware toolbars, browser’s shortcuts modified to lead to sponsored/adware web pages.

I want to see CIS(CCE)having a capability to detect and remove such software. Yesterday, I’ve cleaned my friends computer with CIS (default config). I’ve extracted 60+ MB adware which was replacing her homepage, hijacking shortcuts, making redirections. CIS seems to have a problem with bundled adware to trusted installers too.

3. Why you think it is desirable:
As I said, adware and browser hijackers are bundled even with trusted installers (and from trusted softwares) these days. CIS/CCE should clean and prevent them.

4. Any other information:
Adwcleaner is an excellent tool - Download AdwCleaner (picture
It has some generic signatures, it scans system deeply including services, registry, folders, files, shortcuts, addons and many more. It is constantly updated and very reliable - every time I’ve used it, it cleaned all the threats that was not detected by CCE and allowed by CIS to install.
It’s small projected developed by Xplode (http://general-changelog-team.fr/en/tools/15-adwcleaner)
Maybe you should partner up? Don’t know really the licensing here.

Absolutely Yes

Voted yes.

Hi morphiusz,
Sorry I haven’t voted at this stage.
I personally haven’t had any of the mentioned issues while using CIS, this could be down to personal behaviour and not CIS protection though. :wink:

As far as partnering up, I say no just from experience more partners generally results in more issues IMO.

Kind regards.

If a trusted installer/whitelisted program has bundled PUP then PUP automatically becomes trusted/whitelisted?

All bundled software is not necessary untrusted in the first place.
Take CCleaner for example they offer Google Chrome which is a trusted program.
Trusted yes, but potentially unwanted by some users.

Seems like feedback to me, not a wish request. :slight_smile:

[at]morphiusz, I will move your request to “Added/Rejected Wishes” since you’re a moderator. Star Group members should submit these directly in the tracker, not trough this process.

Thank you for your understanding.