Edsloader.ex (Acer Empowering Tech.)

Acer Aspire E700
Vista Home P. Version 6 Build 6000
Intel Core Duo 6300 [ at ] 1.86ghz
AVG 7.5 Anti Virus Professional

After trying CPF v3.0.8.214 on my XP laptop I install on my Vista desktop a few minor prob’s apart from Shutdown/Logoff 3 to 5 mins logoff + 3 to 5 mins Shutdown.
On boot up Mediaserver.exe & Edsloader.exe where using 100% CPU for approx 6 mins.
I delete run command for edsloader in Reg. and shutdown/logoff problems back to normal mediaserver still using 50% cpu on boot but could have been like that before.
On search for edsloader.exe it is part of Acer Edata Security possible conflict with firewall?
I will try it as a trusted app. and see if that helps.

Made no difference as trusted app. delete run command again back to normal.