Economic crisis

you can vote for multiple answers.there is no good answer,even though the origin of the crisis is objective,its outcomes are quite subjective. :wink: .you are all welcomed to share your views. :slight_smile:

One option you didn’t put in your poll was whether Comodo’s business will actually improve as a result of the economic crisis. There is a real opportunity for e-commerce vendors to increase business due to companies looking to enhance their online presence, increase sales opportunities and reduce costs in their supply/sales chain.

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You can’t vote for comodo’s future lol. Maybe you’d be better off asking Melih? ofcourse… he doesn’t have to answer… As it is personal when talking about money…

The aim is not to vote for comodo’s future but to share views about what could happen according to each of you. all views are welcomed thx :slight_smile:

thx :slight_smile: , this is in fact an important point that i missed.keep sharing. :slight_smile:

And when is he online usually? :slight_smile:

Every day normally :slight_smile:


Melih , could you please consider giving us your point of view on this topic . :slight_smile: we would understand of course if you want to keep all these matters private.

You would have to PM him.

Well, either thru sheer luck or great planning, 2008 was our best year ever and the last qrt in 2008 was our best quarter ever despite the financial crisis in the market place.

Noone has a magic ball to predict the future, but so far whatever we are doing seems to work (touch wood). Innovation and doing good for end users seems like a formula that works.


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Pretty good methodology. (:LGH)
I sure hope it keeps going strong.


That’s the ticket!


Impressive result Melih.(:CLP)

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