(CWY) I buy and sell a lot of goods on ebay how save am i from hackers

Thanks for putting this back.


If you come back to check.
You should follow ebay’s suggestions for safe transactions.
You can’t do much about things on their end.

You can however besides securing your PC with CIS.
Use a secure browser like Firefox with NoScript.

And I would definitely install Comodos V Engine, to help verify that you aren’t
caught out by a fraudulent website, when doing financial transactions.

If you have any more specific concerns or questions please feel free to ask.


Hi all,

I’m considering selling an item on eBay, since my item is pretty unique and deserves/needs a world wide arena of potential buyers to generate a high price.

What are your experiences from eBay? Does the PayPal system makes sense? Any difficulties in making it match the shipping, so the payment I shall receive is synchronized with my shipping of the item? I have never done e-commerce this way (I’ve only bought from regular online shops) so I have no idea how it all works. :-\ All I want is to get rid of my item at a decent price (which I won’t get if I bring it to a second-hand shop in my 500,000 citizen city).

what item dawg? O0 can a brotha get to know it first? O0
hey i had my first experience using paypal a month ago.
the paypal said my creditcard payment/donation is suspended (can’t remember exactly how/why). and then i forgot to ask my bank about it.

but then at the end of the month i received the bill. i asked the bank’s CS & she said the donation’s success, nothing’s suspended? ???

LA : This might be interesting to start with ?

misty8988 : if you have CIS configured correctly and you're sure that your computer is virusfree, you should be safe. Ebay has a fairly high protection on their website so that won't be the problem. But before you buy/sell something, always check the URL FIRST ! scammers might fake the ebay site and get your credit card info with that, so always make sure that you're on the legit ebay site!

have fun using ebay ;),

i believe this misty is spammer 88) , someone removed his siggie though 88)

Oh, because where is the spam then ;D


It’s a Macaroni Melih (like Macaroni Midler). ;D

Yes, thank you. I intend to read all information carefully. In this thread I was rather asking for personal experiences and whether you are comfortable using eBay. :-La

Woops, sry . Well, I feel comfortable using ebay. I always double check the url, my computer free of virusses, and then all the comments of the buyer/seller. If those are positive, I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t do it :slight_smile:


OK, thx :slight_smile:

Couple of things, take as many good photos of said item as you can, buyers love to see the item from differant angles. Be totally honest about the condition, if there is a tiny chip, scratch, whatever point it out, if you are upfront about everything your more likely to get serious bidders, not time wasters.
Don`t be to aggressive on the reserve, just be fair.

Information is key say how long you`ve had it, the reason for sale, unique features, the pleasure it has given you, etc, etc.
Research to see if similar items are up for sale, how much they are, how many bids.

Last of all Good Luck My family has mostly bought stuff but my brother-in-law recently put his Scimitar (car) on there and got bitten, guy didn`t pay up, but he re-listed and sold it (buy it now) a couple of days later.

Thanks a lot for the tips Matty. That’s the kind of ad I would like to see myself, so I’ve already planned to make a very, very careful description with several photos.

What about time? How long should I allow bidding? I have no hurry, would 2 months be reasonable?