EAZ-FIX installation versus CTM, I need a Fix for this

I have windows XP on my C partition and have installed ubuntu on other 3 partitions of the hard disk. Grub is not installed, there is only standard windows MBR and if I want to boot Ubuntu, I use Super Grub disk to boot it.

When I try to install CTM to protect just my C partition, installer says: " Linux partition is detected, CTM doesn,t work with linux partitions" and install is aborted. That,s really disappointing. I can easily install Eaz-Fix with same partition set up and protect my C partition.

I wish to have a solution for this issue. Thanks

Hi, aigle.
Thanks for your suggestion.
We will consider this in future versions.


Thanks. By the way, I found out the way to install it. I imaged all linux partitions excluding C partition( that has XP Windows on it). Formatted all linux partitions to FAT32( can be NTFS also). Installed CTM to protect C. Then recoved the image back to all linux partitions without touching MBR and that,s it.

I can run XP protected by CTM via normal boot and when needed I can boot Ubuntu via Super Grub Disk. ;D

Thanks for your feedback.
We suggest you try that on virtual machine.