EasyVPN Network Management + System Dependencies

Hi there, I haven’t yet tried EasyVPN since I don’t really need it at the time. It’s however an interesting program. Now, I have two questions:

  1. Network Management. If you create a network and share its name & password with some invited friends, is it possible to manage the network somehow - i.e. delete it, change password, negate users? Who can do this, are there admin rights?

  2. System Dependencies. Which installer does EasyVPN use (edit: I see the download is a .msi file so it should be Windows Installer…?), and which Windows services (network related etc.) does it require to be running?

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Yes, Windows Installer.

It uses the service COMODO EasyVPN Service (process: Vpnservice.exe), and when you use the program, EasyVPN.exe, so two processes when you use it.

You can use EasyVPN without COMODO EasyVPN Service, but you get an error message when you start the program…

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So no need for e.g. the services Network Connections, Remote Access Connections Manager etc.? :-TU

Network Connections: Only when you want to see the content in that folder. :wink:

Remote Access Connections Manager: Not started in my system… 8)

Thanks, seems like there are no obstacles then, maybe with the exception of Windows Installer… 88)


You get c1a706.msi, 1 129 472 bytes, in C:\WINDOWS\Installer… ;D

In the Spanish board there are people with problems, and one said it was solved by installing the .NET Framework. I wouldn’t believe it, it isn’t listed in the system requirements in the manual. I can’t verify it, I have that component and I’m not going to uninstall it to check.

I don’t have any version of .Net Framework… :wink:

That’s good, since installing .NET is out of the question. :o :wink:

Now I’m expecting you to appear in my Contacts list! ;D :-TU

LOL, but is it possible to just add a user to the list (like you simply do in any IM client), or is it all managed through defined “network groups”?

Contacts, Add a new contact, enter Contact’s ID. You already have the group general, so you don’t have to create a group. :wink:


I’ll gladly add you if I decide to install EasyVPN. :slight_smile: