EasyVPN 1.7 is released.

EasyVPN 1.7 is released.

EasyVPN 1.7 is now available for download from:


  • Added options to show message time in local time zone or time zone of each chat member.
  • Check ability to install EasyVPN’s drivers onto WinXP Home Editoin.
  • Added forgot password link to allow users to go to product website and gain a new password. Requires as valid e-mail address to be previously setup in the user’s details.


  • EasyVPN minimizes unexpectedly if clicking the return to EasyVPN button.
  • The invalid nick name dialog pops up unexpectedly.
  • The information of other contacts doesn’t update immediately under some condiditons.
  • EasyVPN signs out if entering the symbol ‘&’ in Alias.
  • The focus is missing when switching from remote window to other windows.
  • Files receive on Win7 OS x64 is slow.
  • Rhe host’s mouse point freezes on the screen if the mouse pointer of viewer keeps in the remote window.
  • Remote performance is poor.
  • There is no response after clicking the file transfer link if the file is not be related by a application.
  • Remote Desktop Control session has ended. Error code: 203/204.
  • The white blank screen is displayed during remote connection.
  • Connecting… status is shown forever if client PC could not send out public IP to server.
  • Show warning when try to initiate Remote if status is Connecting…
  • Remote window doesn’t shut down after disconnecting the remote session.
  • Can’t send message from to old version
  • Nick name is empty when registering a new account.
  • EasyVPN stability defect after inactivity of about 5 minutes or so
  • Auto login when lost connection issue.

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Congrats with the new release. (:CLP)

Glad to see the remote performance has changed for the better.

Many thanks this version is a great advance on my last try with the previous version. Out of the box it all worked as expected. Again Comodo thanks for another gem. Brockie