EasyApache 4 upgrade


As Comodo appears not to do nothing to solve the compatibility issues with EasyApache 4, i ask here if anyone have already upgraded successfully from EasyApache 3 to 4.
I am currently in EasyApache 3 in some of my servers, and i only didn’t upgraded yet because of the strange ways as Comodo plugin appears to be dealing with EasyApache 4.

Have anyone done the upgrade process without problems?

Is really concerning see that Comodo WAF appears to be more and more dead… Is great, but have gone downhill the last weeks…


EA4 fix is described here:


as part of problem with cPanel+EA4+CWAF-plugin.
The next plugin release with bug-fixes will be as soon as possible.

Thanks for the answer.

Im not talking about the “temporary fix” for servers with EasyApache 4 already installed.

Im talking about the process to upgrade from EasyApache 3 to 4.
As there is many errors, can this process fail because of CWAF plugin or modsecurity implementation that he does?


New CWAF plugin version with support of EasyApache 4 will be released next week. Now it’s on the testing stage

We are sorry for delay.

That update will not cause issues with the modified versions we have done on EA4 servers today?

We hope it won’t cause any issues at all.