Easy Vpn Remote desktop connects for 10 seconds only

I can Ping OK

I can message back and forth no problems but the moment the remote desktop accepts invitation I can see the remote desktop for a very short time before it disappears from my screen

Only firewall is Comodo, tried opening port 3389 same result

Anyone else experiencing same scenario.

Anyone have a solution

Than you

Yep have seen the same, the remote pc sees the mouse movement, it loads a few parts of the desktop wallpaper and then the it get’s disconnected…

Thanks Ronnie for you response.

I am not sure what the remote computer sees, I only see a very brief glipse of the remote desktop on my screen for about 5 seconds then the program closes. The remote computer cannot vpn into me either!!

I have ensured the latest Easy VPN program on both machines and tried to connect on other networks that worked before and also tried to connect from new computer at work with a first install Easy VPN and the behaviour is the same.

Is easy vpn reliant on hardware within Comodo?

Trying to connect two computers at home as a test also fails.

Does Easy VPN over a home network rely on outside support or should it be self sufficient internally on the same network?


As far as i know it first tries on the local LAN, then over the 5.x range VPN and if that also fails it goes to Relay using a Comodo’s EasyVPN servers.

So if it’s local it should connect using the local network ip addresses.

I’ll see if i can make a packet capture to see who’s killing the session the initiator or the remote.

I am having the same issue. My brother and I setup the VPN today and I can remote desktop to him, but he can not remote desktop to me. I click accept and it immediately says that the remote session has ended. He can ping me, but I can not ping him.

We have turned off firewalls, and are both DMZ’d.

Were still playing with this and I will update if the situation changes

My guess is that one of you guy’s is connected on relay instead of direct.
Can you create a group and become both member of it, a group will show if you are directly connected or via “relay” I’m troubleshooting the same issue with Panic and we are seeing those symptoms.

The problem was my brother was using a virutal machine running and bridged. It didnt work, he installed Comodo onto the main OS and its working.

I have another question, which i’m researching now.

Can the remote PC connecting to mine, access my other PCs on my network, without having to install Comodo on each of them?

He can do whatever you can do with your PC if he has remote control.

error 203 and 204?

Sure; If you have Remote Desktop/Remote Assistance Set up on your computer to access those computers;



 If you run comodo easyvpn on win7 or vista, please do not turn your firewall off, which may cause VPN connection lost after a while.