easier usability for getting tech support from a friend

if you’re using easyVPN to fix someones computer and you have to restart their computer from your computer to finish fixing the issue, easyVPN should do one of the following or have all 3 as options to make this process easier for the one helping someone and easier on the person who needs help which is the main thing.

  1. stay connected through the restart? (don’t think this is possible but if you guys know something i don’t go for it.)

  2. automatically reconnect after the restart without having to do anything

  3. the person helping be prompted for password after the persons computer restarts to reconnect to the computer that got restarted and continue the session to continue helping if need be. then once the person helping enters the password you guy could prompt the user getting helped that so and so is trying to reconnect so they can confirm

(but i think this prompt for the person being helped after the person helping enters the password to reconnect should be optional in its self but either way )


  1. the person helping has to call the person needing help in order to walk them through allowing the person helping to reconnect to the computer again.

people needing help usually don’t know or understand why you need them to do whatever it is you need them to do in order for you to fix their computer and don’t care for an explanation

also you guys should have an option to just let the user needing help to just run the file like team viewr and have the option to just run or install.

also if the person would like easyVPN installed after you’re done fixing their computer, the person who helped should be able to do that by selecting an option that tells the program that you are having the person remotly connected to you install it. then the person helping the user install goes through an install wizard and selects all the appropriate options to best fit the persons needs who needs help but it doesn’t actually install until the session is over.

after the install because the person helping, clicked the option to tell the program that the person remotely connected is helping the person install it, the program sends a confirmation to the person who was helping that the install was successful. if it didn’t install properly then you guys automatically get reconnected without any action needed so that the person helping can fix this issue.

Also once the option is selected that the person helping will install easyVPN the person being helped should be notified that if the install doesn’t go correctly that the computer will be reconnected automatically so the person can fix the issue to get it installed.

if at anytime the person being helped wants to end the session it should be very plane to the person being helped on how to do that and it take one click. then the session should be suspended while a prompt pops up and plainly tell the user that they have suspended the connection and that the person can not do anything to their computer until they click continue session. also in the same prompt it should plainly ask the user they completely want to end the session all together and end want this person disconnected from their computer completely. that way in case the user didn’t know what they were doing, that prompt will insure that they do and that the user can’t be harmed while they make their decision


thanks for directing me to that