Earn Comodo money by putting your Link here

Please put your link here (you can get it by logging into your friends.comodo.com account). So that people can click to install your CIS and you make money!


First! ;D


very nice :slight_smile:

The emails need to have a note that the warranty is only applicable to residents of the USA.

Ewen :slight_smile:

warranty is worldwide now…thx…

Worldwide? Wow! Since when?

Also a Q. Why this drive now to have even more users or it’s more like a reward for the users who do promote Comodo? Both? 88)

Both…there are still users out there who is not benefiting from our top notch protection, hence fueling online crime…that needs to be stopped by using CIS…plus benefit our amazing users who help their friends and family by protecting them using CIS.

Yes a good question, also I want to know the answer. Who knows maybe I’ll become millionaire :smiley:

are there any user that get this payment (I mean warranty) I wonder that ? and I know if there any payment this means protection and prevention failed
because my friend ask me and I have no answer for it ???

WOW!! Excellent news Melih!!

Ewen :slight_smile:

so far noone. (Which means our protection is working :wink: )

glad to hear that Melih :o :SML:

Thanks and best regards