Early 2.7 bug report by Zombie

selected all spam massages, then delete, then change account, CAS report error and icon in the tray disapears, started CAS again, spam messages not deleted, try again, problems repeate…
going back to 2.6

sorry, windows (XPSP3) reports error in the module msvcr80.dll, and then in the module ntdll.dll.


   Thanks for your patience and kind help. This bug will be fixed in formal release.

seems thing works if I shut down MS Outlook before I clean spams from account databases in the CAS.

Zombie original posts below.

think problem arise when I want to delete mixed spams (with and without attachments) inside account in the quarantine DB.

Thanks for the further feedback, Zombie. I wonder if you would be kind enough to complete a bug report in the 2.7 bug reports topic. This will ensure that the developers have the system details and make it easier to fix the bug.

Many thanks in anticipation