E:\Recycler virus?

:slight_smile: Hello, all of you nice people who will try to help me out! I must tell you right off the bat that I’m definitely not computer savvy and that up to this date I don’t know the difference between the different kinds of “bad stuff” that a computer can catch. Also, I must apologize if ever this question has been answered somewhere else, but I haven’t been able to find that place yet. Anyway, to the point now. Whenever I connect a USB key to my computer, the comodo antivirus says there is a virus on it in its recycler folder. The location of the threat is "E:\ReCycLEr\S-1-5-21-somethingsomething\svchost.exe. The thing is, aside from the weird capitalization of the word recycler, I don’t see any other indication that this file might be a virus (but I am naive, or so I hear). So. I’ve tried, I can’t delete it. I keep clicking remove on the alert options of the antivirus, but it gets boring after a while of clicking. I’ve reformatted the drive and still nothing. There’s also this autorun.inf file on the key (if knowing this is any helpful to you). and apparently I have a copy of three weird S-1-5-21 files on my computer in the c:\recycler folder. The have recycling bin icons. Can’t delete them either. Are my computer and all of my keys infected? If so, how do I clean them? And also, what are the likely consequences of this potential infection on the potentially infected computers?

Thanks a lot to anyone who is kind enough to reply!

I forgot to say, this virus is apparently calle heur.suspicious@21059863

It maybe a False Positive.
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I would say try running a live cd scan just to be safe download Dr. Web live cd and run it http://www.freedrweb.com/livecd/