E mail

I have an e mail. I can’t trust it. It can be pishing. Please analyis and if it is a pishing please add your database.
It redirects [link to phishing site removed by moderator]
This e mail text is
“Activate Your Apple Account ITunes Dear Apple This is an automatic message sent by our security system to let you know that you have 48 hours to confirm your account information. Your account has been used for fraud. Please update your account information than we will try again to validate your account. clikc here to confirm Apple Service. Thank you for choosing Service Apple Support Apple”

It sent from my mail adress. So ıt knows my e mail password.

Removed link to phishing site, see VT. JoWa


Yes, it was a phishing URL, here you may see WebInspector report:
Website Malware Scanner | Online Website Virus and Malware Scanner

But now this page is unavailable.

Thanks . yesterday it was avaible