E Mail

I have Comodo Firewall 3.9 with D+ ,not the AV. I am using Avira Prem. AV. I use Outlook Express for E Mail and was wondering if Comodo has anything to do with downloading E Mail ?

The Firewall Can Block The Ports Used For Incomming And Outgoing Connections From Outlook…And D+ Can Be Used To Block Outlook Getting Executed

The reason I asked is ,at times if I have a lot of E Mail trying to download it will lock up and not download to the computer. If I shut off Avira Mail Guard it will down load. Avira of course says to shut down Comodo.

Does Email Scanning Is Enabled In The Avira ( Iam Not Sure Whether Avira Has This Option). If That Is The Case, Try To Check After Disabling That. And Whats The Exact Message Does Avira Gave About Comodo ?

Avira has mail guard with two heuristic elements. It is on the Avira forum that I was told to shut off Comodo.

In your firewall network security policy have you set Outlook as email client?

If not you could see if that makes any difference.

If turning off Avira mail guard allows the mail to be downloaded, then it seems obvious that there is where your problem lies.

Are you using the AV portion of CIS? If so, then the email check with Avira is redundant. CIS will check any attachment when you open it.