E-mail virus scanning & protection

Preferably built right into C.I.S. Premium that is, but an add-on for that, or a separate prog entirely would be fine too I guess, just the former 2 would be more simplified is all, as I already use CIS Prem. One that has ‘On-Access’ scanning for E-mails & their attachments; both incoming, & outgoing for viruses, malware, adware, spyware, etc. As many times a virus-(& other threats)-can exist w/in an E-mail w/out there necessarily being a “attachment” per-say.

I use to use N.I.S.-(“Norton Internet Security” suite) for years & this was in there by default. No clue WHY Comodo hasn’t though of this already?!?!?! I’ve written them loads of times asking about it, & all they say is, ‘we don’t yet have this feature & no plans for it’. Well, what can we do to actually get you guys to PLEASE develop this? For not all of us use web-based E-mail like Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. which are typically scanned by Norton or some other type of scanner built into those sites. & those of us, like myself, who use an actual program based E-mail client like Outlook Express or Outlook, Thunderbird, etc. & also use Comodo could REALLY use a feature, prog like this. Who else here agrees w/me on this?

Please just STRONGLY consider it? Or else I will have to find a separate prog that just does this from some other company.


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Instead of installing a email virus scanner and protection in CIS it can be added to CD (comodo dragoon).

CIS (comodo internet security) has it already in a way; CIS will scan the files you have downloaded.

In order for a malware to infect your pc you’ll need to run it. As long as the malware is only download and inactive it won’t do your pc any damage/harm (correct me if I’m wrong).

Tip: Download CD; it’s fast and secure. CD is based on google chrome that is good and fast.

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Not me.

CIS uses an on-access scanning engine. As Valentinchen stated, there is absolutely no threat from inert malware sitting on your hard drive. As such, there is no point in wasting the resources to scan for it.

If you are using the full suite of CIS, you are already protected from malware distributed by email. There is no need to actually scan the email as it comes in. That is simply a waste of system resources. The malware will be caught as it attempts to run.

And not me as well

I’m with HeffeD and many others including highly professional people specialized in security.

Please search this forum & you’'ll find several discussions regarding the matter

That is highly recommended to disable any real-time (stressing) e-mail scanning, since that is not just useless waste of resources but it is dangerous feature that basically can destroy all your e-mail storage (unrecoverable)
As you can see, in case you found the threads – the recommendations are coming from MS e-mail security specialists & sure you can find the references from the same “AV big birds” …. Symantec included … suggesting to disable the feature in question

Other than that - as soon as you have “onAccess” and or “onExecution” of whatever AV solution chosen & in addition the Behavioral Blocker – you are protected & your e-mail storage is alive.

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Hello EJC_74 and Welcome.

Currently, You only need to be cautious of two areas and that is all. (Regarding Anti-Malware)

  1. Hard Disk(s)
  2. Memory

Anything more then this is what i would call bloated features,
Could go more in-depth explaining if you wish.
or you can go here https://forums.comodo.com/antivirus-faq-cis/does-cis-have-email-p2p-web-scanners-t29268.0.html;msg212584#msg212584

did this help?


IMO e-mail scanners are just another marketing hype, and I agree with Siberlynx they can do more harm than good not to mention slowing down e-mails unnecessarily. BTW I use outlook express and would not want to risk losing all my e-mails from an e-mail scanner possibly corrupting my storage folders (.dbx) files. Kind regards.

In certain circumstances, there are also legal/probity issues.

Using an inbound/outbound email scanner/certifier means that the email you typed (and stored in your Sent Items) is no longer identical to the email received by the recipient. Admittedly it only varies by the addition of the AV certification, but it still varies and therefore the possibility of other introduced modifications exists. For this reason, we can’t use email scanning at work.

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That is very interesting angle to look at real-time e-mail scanning, that actually were never discussed before

Mainly, it was about the specifics & disasters outcome when scanning e-mails that are currently being downloading from the server site (there is a link to a good article here in the forum that I posted in the past in addition to MS Gurus advices “not to”…)

… but what you are saying is a new “surprise” :slight_smile:

Any readings/info to look at?

Cheers , Ewen!

Only NPD (not for public disclosure) advice from our internal solicitiors. Evidentiary integrity is critical, at times, to us.

Other than that, LSPs are a PITA anyway.

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