e-mail received twice

Hi, last year i installed comodo firewall - which I liked , mainly because it showed me what programmes were actually using the internet. I confess I am not very computer savvy and I was having problems with my AVG anti-virus when the e-mail scanner kept rechecking mail and also ‘timing out’ . I therefore removed the comodo firewall and my AVG was fine. I contacted Comodo and they have told me how to overcome this by using ‘skip advanced security checks’ . i therfore re-installed CPF.

I am using internet exp 7 and my next problem is that Outlook express is sending my e-mails twice, this has occurred since I have installed CPF. Anyone out there have a solution please .
Thanks in anticipation

Over fifty

Have you resolved this one, or still trying to get it figured out?


sorry this seems to have resolved itself. my wife was saying she kept getting the same e-mail twice . but the next day everything seems ok.

Thanks for asking though…

No problem; I saw it had been a while since you posted, and no one responded, so I wanted to make sure…

Glad it worked out. ;D