E-Mail Notify by Gmail

Anyone using this?
Doesn’t seem to work for me.

I am using:
SMTP Server: smtp.gmail.com
Port: 587
My User Name & Password

Hi LightnLar

I use smtp.gmail with in port 995 and out 465.


There is only one place for a port entry, I don’t understand how you use two.


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Do the instructions say to use port 587 (TLS) instead of 465 (SSL)-gmail accepts either, depending on your client.

Comodo instructions say to use what ever you use with your email client.
I use Thunderbird and Mailwasher Pro.
Both use outging mail (SMTP) port 587 and both work fine.

Outlook Express, for example, uses port 465 for gmail smtp. Does emailnotify differentiate between TLS and SSL mail like Thunderbird does? If not, you may need to try port 465. Although from your picture I can’t tell if emailnotify supports encrypted smtp servers like gmail at all.

This is the Comodo Backup-Help Forum right?
I am asking for help with E-Mail Notify Tab on Comodo Backup.

Comodo BackUp lets you send email notifications upon the completion of a backup job. You can send notifications just to yourself, or create a mailing list that keeps key members of your team informed.

Instructions say use what you use with your email client, which is what I did.
That does not work.

I tried 465 as you suggested, it crashes the program.
I have two email clients that use 587, both work, 587 does not work with Comodo BackUp.
Please see attached JPG.

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Sorry, not familiar enough with Comodo backup to ask the right questions, and this is not the only “emailnotify” client out there. What I am wondering is whether emailnotify can handle encrypted smtp clients. If so, there should be a tab somewhere, maybe under options, that allows you to tick something like “use SSL”. Both of your email clients have that capability (I also use TB and sometimes Mailwasher Pro). Maybe someone else can answer that for you if you can’t find out from the tabs. But if this is the only tab affecting emailnotify, doesn’t look like it can handle encryption.

Ok thanks, I appreciate your time and help with this matter.
Yes what you see on the Comodo BackUp TAB is all there is, no other choices.
You are right SSL has to be checked on the other two clients.

Thanks again,


Hi Larry

I just tried Backup with gmail, and yahoo. Neither one sent a notification for me. The only one that did was OE. I am not sure what the problem is. Maybe someone else that has done it with gmail will jump in here and help out.


John, I see that Yahoo popmail is yet another SSL email. Sounds like you might have verified that emailnotify can’t handle encrypted smtp mail.

BTW, if this capability is necessary you can usually set up encrypted email using a proxy called stunnel (http://www.stunnel.org/) and a copy of the openssl library even if the client doesn’t support encrypted email directly. You send the email out unencrypted via localhost and the proxy handles the encryption and decryption for you. Let me know if you want to explore this further; I have done it with antivirus programs like avast!. It is a standard problem with secure email scanning, since if you encrypt it in the client, the scanner can’t read it. :slight_smile:


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