E-mail blocked by Firewall

I use Thunderbird for E-mail. For security, I use Spy Sweeper, the Comodo firewall, and AVG.

I updated to the latest version of Comodo, but then Thunderbird could no longer get my email. I fixed this by turning off the E-mail Attachments Shield in Spy Sweeper. This was not satisfactory to me, so I reverted to the previous version of Comodo for which I still had the installer on my machine.

I tried the latest version of ZoneAlarm, but had the same problem as with the latest Comodo, so I again reverted to the previou Comodo.

Any suggestions for fixing this problem would be much appreciated.

I am running Windows XP SP2. My ISP is DSLExtreme.

I have the same problem. Several weeks after I downloaded the latest version of Comodo, my email for sbcglobal.net, hotmail, and yahoo are all blocked. Email works again when I set the firewall security to “disabled.”