Dynamic IP ? help [RESOLVED]

How can I make a rules for a dynamic Ip for example :
My NIC : and the other PC in our home …
My Router :
I have an ADSL connexion so my modem give my pc an adresse changing every time I connect and it takes the ip from the ISP like this 30.66.xx.xx , the question is how can I make the correct rules for the first address IP LAN and the second?
thank U :slight_smile:

For your LAN, you can set up a network zone including the range of your DHCP server, your router,,
Your connection doesn’t give the WAN address to your computer, it gives it to your router, and your router translates using NAT between your LAN addresses and WAN addresses. Your LAN address is actually assigned to your network adapter (NIC). You are making rules between your computer and the other computer iPs on your LAN and between your computer and the source/destination IP addresses on the internet. And restricting to appropriate ports where necessary.
Take a look at some of the predefined firewall policies to see what the CFP3 rules look like. If you would like to put CFP3 into training mode and let it make the rules, go to firewall behavior settings/alert settings and set the slider to high to get more precise rules if desired. This should give you a better feeling for how CFP3 rules work. The help file can also be useful.

Infact I did those configurations before I wrote my topic, so I wrote it becuase this is my first use with COMODO and I like it and I had surf this forum a lot before I register, so I starting by asking about Dynamic Ip becuase there are a lot of users have the ADSL and their ip changes every connect so thank you very much and I’m happy to be here :slight_smile:

Glad we could help. I’ll mark this thread resolved then. You can PM any mod if you want it reopened, or open a new thread if you have other questions, :slight_smile: