dwwin.exe DLL failed to initialise

The dear folks at Microsoft have told me that the error message - dwwin.exe DLL Failed to Initialise -is caused by my Comodo Anti-virus (Beta 2.0) software. They apparently can’t help me fix the problem, but suggested I find help here! They have been no more explicit than this, even after I’ve sent numerous emails and leaving my contact details with their helpline!

Any ideas would be gratefully received.


dwwin.exe is the component that send error reports to Microsoft when a crash occurs with the operating system. It sounds like the firewall blocked its transmission to Microsoft for some reason or other. It’s no big deal unless you were trying to send a report to MS for troubleshooting purposes to which you’re expecting a response.

You should be able to find it in the Component Control rules menu. Just click the “Allow” field and restart the firewall.

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If you’re using CAVS, and MS says that’s the issue, you may want to check the HIPS Block list for dwwin.exe (you may have inadvertently blocked it).

Open CAVS, and go to Settings/HIPS/General. Look for the Manage Allow/Block List. See if there’s a block entry for dwwin.exe; if so, remove it, or change to Allow.


PS: On the basis that MS says CAVS is to blame, I’m moving the thread to the CAVS’ side of the forum.

I get the same error when shutting down my computer?

Have you checked in the Manage Allow/Block list for a matching entry? If found to be blocked, change to allow or remove entirely. Exit CAVS (from systray icon), restart from desktop icon, then reboot computer.

Have you tried disabling the HIPS, then exiting CAVS entirely & restarting, make sure HIPS is still disabled, and then reboot?

I’d do take those two steps (one at a time).