DVD rom not working after update [RESOLVED]

My DVD rom is not working after update.
Is there a setting that was changed in the config. that I can change?
I did a system restore and it came back to life then restored back to the after update and it did not work again.
Can anyone can help me??

Hi philtec.

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This is a new one on me. CFP should not interfere with your DVD rom. What version are you using? What are your computer specs? Have you tried a complete uninstall with a registry clean and reboot, and then a new install? Sometimes old registry entries left behind by previous security apps can interfere and cause some strange things to happen. Let us know, we have some good knowledgeable people here that will be able to solve this for you.


THANKS for the reply :■■■■

I have done like you said and it now works fine.

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