DVD/CD Video Songs Ripping From Copied File

How to rip video songs from the saved movie i.e copy-pasted from CD/DVD on the system?

Can I get the songs from the folders or any software is needed?

If software, any recommended software?

I sure hope we’re not discussing Piracy here, Naren… :P0l

In Sweden, when you buy a hard-drive or thumb-drive etc, you will also pay a fee to an organization as compensation for PRIVATE copying. This fee is mandatory in Sweden and is included in the price. So I see that as an invitation to start copying all my CDs to my hard-drive etc since I actually paid for it.

Copying DVD/CDs to a hard-drive and then extracting the sound isn’t piracy, it’s private copying. It may or may not be legal depending on where you live. I don’t know about the legality of it in Sweden but if they get paid for that very reason then I am freaking allowed to copy those files, otherwise it’s organized crime being legalized.

I have original genuine discs & backup on the system. CD/DVD drive doesn’t work here anymore. And also I want to make collection of songs.

Would this be piracy to make a collection of songs from all my owned discs?

It depends on the file type you wish to rip from. If it`s just a .vob file you can use Free DVD mp3 ripper.


If it`s another file type, AVI, MKV, MP4 you will need other software.

VLC can also do it but it will save as a WAV file. You can then convert to another format.

From VLC click on Media, then Open (Advanced). From the File tab, select Add and insert the file. Now click on the arrow/drop down on the play button and select convert. Give the file a destination and save it as a .wav file.
Click the create new profile to the far right of profile → The Encapsulation tab needs to be set to wav. The Audio tab needs Audio ticking and WAV selecting as the codec (you can change the kb/s here as well)
Give the profile a name, say wavfiles and click save then Select it from the drop down for profile.
Now click start and the process will begin. It will take a while but you should end up with all the audio saved which you can then cut, convert or whatever.

Good luck,

If it’s for personal use then by definition no (that has another name which does not fall under the term “piracy”), if it’s for distribution/commercial purposes then yes.

Copyright and fair use laws can vary depending on your locality (Country), to be 100% sure you would have to check local laws for your area.

I guess you guys misunderstood me or I am not getting it.

What I meant was…

I have copied full movie on harddisk. Is it possible to copy only songs from the movie? If yes, how?

I downloaded & tried 3 softwares winxdvd, handbrake & dvd shrink but I am lost here or couldn’t find how to copy only video songs from the full movie?

Virtual Kiosk makes the job so easy of trying softwares, loving it.

As far as im aware its not posible most of the time to just copy the songs from a video DVD (there not tagged). You will have to take all the audio from the movie and you can then cut it easily using mp3directcut or other audio splitter depending on format.