During update, stuck at executing ise_installer.exe file (96.8%)

It’s just sitting there, stuck.

I included a screenshot. When I click view logs, nothing happens.

I have internet security 10 premium
db version 27689

I’m on windows 10 and it always stays up to date.

I have the same problem except mine is stuck at 95.3% and the status states: “Executing vertkiosk.exe”
I am on a Windows 10 Pro (1703 15063.540) 64-bit machine.


Please provide all files from %temp% folder, which have name format cmdinstall.exe_XX-XX-XX_XX.XX.XX.log by making them into one compressed folder and send us the zip file back.

Also, provide the snapshot of your current Proxy and Host Settings like attachment done.

Kind Regards,

In my case I clicked the stop button and rebooted. I then opened Comodo and selected update and it replied I was up to date so it seemed rebooting solved the problem.