During boot pass entering, Vista does not boot with Err2Err3 message


On a Compaq laptop I made a fresh Vista install with SP2 witch took me 24 hours including all the added applications and settings, I installed CDE and encrypted the boot drive with a 8 character passphrase. CDE was doing this overnight and in the morning I found the PC at the boot screen “Enter password”. So CDE did not give me the option to create a recovery boot CD before rebboting the PC… I am entering the correct pass at the boot screen but it gives me Err2Err3 message and I can only reboot… Now I can not get to Vista recovery console only to CMD or full Factory System reinstall that I can do. CMD bootrec.exe can not find any OS installation, I guess bec it reacheds only the encrypted data as CDE did not decrypt at the boot…

I attempted to create a CDE recovery disk on my other XP PC which is PGP whole disk encrypted, I installed CDE and it had to be restarted. During rebbot PGP WDE requested my pass as usual, I typed, OS started to boot but after a few sec with a blue screen it has crashed and rebooted. Luckily I suceed to recover this desktop PC with the built in XP restore to an earlier point function. Anyway, CDE recovery disk could be created only on the PC with which I have trouble, bec CDE is asking some encryption data/file or so…

I am really unsatisfied with this CDE, it has ruined my 24h job and I do not knwo what to to now! PGP WDE is working perfectly for 2yrs on my PCs. I trusted CDE because of the good performance of Comodo Internet Security. Now I would really dare to install CDE on any other PC to try to decrypt the Compaq HDD in subject. I just want to get rid of CDE from my PC.


Hi colos , My is only a little suggestion . You can to try at to disable at the moment the module U.A.C , thanks Kind regards