Duplicate rules

Hi, I’m currently running the latest CWAF pluggin for cPanel with the latest rules.

But since no to long ago, I can no longuer restart apache since there is a duplicate rule problem, here’s my result after using grp on one of the rule id :

APACHE error :

AH00526: Syntax error on line 31 of /var/cpanel/cwaf/rules/cwaf_01.conf:
ModSecurity: Found another rule with the same id

GREP result

root@web17 [/var/cpanel/cwaf/rules]# egrep -r "id:210000" *
00_Global_Initialization.conf:  "id:210000, \
cwaf_01.conf:   "id:210000,\

More searching and more digging, I’ve found the problom in this thread :


And those two line fixed my cpanel !

rm -rf /var/cpanel/cwaf/tmp/rules/*