duplicate emails when using comodo antivirus

I installed comodo firewall and antivirus on a friends PC (they had nasty habit of letting their for pay solution expire)

they have called me today and are saying that they are receiving multiple copies of emails.

say i sent them an email, they then receive 10 identical copies of that same email.

they are saying if the turn off the antivirus it goes back to delivering a single email.

they are using outlook 2003 by the way.

any ideas?

We have a very similar problem, but on outgoing mail.

A person using Windows XP and outlook attempts to send an email. What I believe happens is that Outlook try to send it, and before the antivirus program lets it through, Outlook has already decided it did not work and tries to resend it.

From your post it seems this can also be a problem on the receiving part, unless your friends are only seeing the sympthom and it’s the sender that has this problem.

I will look into our problem now, maybe there’s a timeout setting in Outlook that can be tweaked.

There is indeed a timeout setting in Outlook that needs to be tweaked for emails with largeish attatchments.

The problem as described was that Comodo could not finish scanning the email before Outlook timed out. Outlook then considered the mail as not sent and resent it. But Comodo did indeed send it when done scanning.

The setting you need to tweak to reduce this problem is found like this:

Tools > Account Settings > Double click your email account > More Settings > Advanced
Here you find a setting “server timeouts”, default to 1 minute. Set it to maximum (10 minutes).

We’ve had this problem on three PCs running Comodo and Outlook, resulting in people sending large and important mails repeatedly to poor innocent contacts.