Dumb question...?


I’ve been trying DiskShield, and it seems great. The lack of any instructions is a bit frustrating, though… Do most of your beta-testers have ESP? :?)

Here’s what I can’t figure out, and what I’d like to ask:

  1. What, exactly, is a Virtual Drive? Is it like a sandbox? Does it copy the entire Windows registry, and any other necessary system files, to a protected area, so that apps you install to it (somehow!) think they’ve been installed in a normal OS? Then you can delete the Virtual Drive later (e.g. after reboots) and everything’s gone?

  2. How do you create a Virtual Drive? In DiskShield, when I click “Add a Virtual Drive”, a file box appears asking me to point to an “image file”. Huh? Do I need to create this file first? What kind of file?

Thanks for answering this clearly and simply. Sorry to be so dense.

Cheers, Ander

P.S. Please don’t answer by posting links to other answers… I’ve read every post on here, and the answers have not been clear to me. Thanks again!

  1. A virtual drive is simply a place where you can keep changed/created files that you want to retain after a drive is unshielded. A virtual drive can be useful if you only have a single partition system. If you have multiple partitions - one of which is not being shielded, you can save your stuff there and don’t need to create a virtual drive.

  2. you missed this post. The button is mislabeled.


Thanks very much!