DuckDuckGo ? whats Comodo experts say about ?

Dragon show as yelow . Whats about to jump into & use instead unkle google :THNK

please share you experience (:WAV)

Poor option compare to google, or bing :-TD

You could try Startpage instead ( Wonder whether Dragon will carry on using Yahoo! as default or switch to someone else now.


:-TU thanks for you reply nice people

Im running duckduck on IE & Ice Dragon . Its funny but very diferent to google & bing.
But duckduck says they do not truck & do not spy after user like google use to do.

True or not ??? & whats about Comodo security certification - its yelow not green

There’s nothing wrong with duckduckgo. I use this quite a bit.

I like the idea behind duckduckgo, I just don’t like the service because it rarely gives me what I am searching for. :-\

;D its true the duckduck is not easy & not that what we know from unkle google and bing.
But always nice to learn something new :slight_smile:

Thanks for all you reply people enjoy the sunshine today (:KWL)

I 2 like the idea behind duckduckgo (:CLP)

It’s because only the domain has been validated. The site-owner has not been validated and can’t be verified.

Help: SSL Certificates and Secure Connections

This is an interesting feature: More HTTPS links on DuckDuckGo

[HTTPS-Everywhere] The DuckDuckGo search engine supplying HTTPS links

:-TU Thanks JoWa , thats realy interesting , just woow :o

I am using now duck it :-TU