Dual Monitors/Screens

I recently installed VEngine… love it! But one minor hiccup occurs which I’m sure can be fixed.

I have dual screens with my main desktop on the left and when I surf with firefox on the right screen and the green verification border pops up on the left screen it looks a bit odd. Although it works okay if I move firefox to the left screen, obviously.

This led to confusion when I had firefox opened on both screens and couldnt work out which window it was verifying.

The mouse trail action works fine on the right but the window border it’s just not right (pun)… I mean ithe right hand screen.

Anyone seen this before and know of a possible fix to this?


VEngine runs as a full screen transparent windowless application, but it appears to be tied to the number 1 display on a multi display system. It would introduce a bit of overhead to the app to make it continuously monitor for the execution of a recognised browser and “jump” to whatever display that browser was initialised in. That doesn’t mean they can’t, just that they may not have factored in multiple displays.

Can you please add this to the Verification Engine wishkist topic.


Ewen :slight_smile: