DUAL BOOT WIN7/10 SSD SWAP TO NOTEBOOK, cant uninstall, and cant install


notebook died intel gen 3 quad chip, iv got a gen 2 notebook, so i plug in my ram, cpu, wi fi card, and dual bood ssd/

both win 7 and 10 redetect hardware, all good.

but both says comodo cant start (just firewall, got avast suit (only anti virus install from suite).

on windows 7 i uninstalled comodo, and when i try to reinstall, (custom firewall only) it stays stuck installing at 32%?

2nd problem in windows 10
could not uninstall comodo firewall, tried comodo remover 64bit, fail, so used /io uninstaller, and manual deleting files, of folder gone now.

but when i reinstall it fails installer, says times out…

i need to reinstall n both windows 7 and windows 10. wierd that change of motherboard, but same chip, and wi fi card, caused only comodo firewall to fail at bootup on both but avast ,eetc ok.

p.s removed avast, still same thing…

ok i did a system restore on windows 10.

it loads but come up with error message.

it waso ask all , manual, anything old goe through, anything new get block, to task tray app on bottom right.

cant uninstall from uninsaller, tryied 64bit remover (here lastest) does nothing, i/o uninstaller fails to uninstall it, says to download removal tool, cant download it…(allread hae it manually)…

removed avast first (sorry forgot to say, disable windows firewall too.

nothing new can get through internet only old stuff like firefox

did 2x reports , als fix option failed too.


(win 7 also can get it to install, it uninstall ok thoe) says timed out…(dff progblem)

<?xml version="1.0"?>





<RegValue Status=“Ok” Expected=““C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\cmdagent.exe”” Type=“String(CaseInsensitive)” Name=“ImagePath”/>


<RegValue Status=“Ok” Expected=““C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\cmdvirth.exe”” Type=“String(CaseInsensitive)” Name=“ImagePath”/>







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