Dual boot configuration?

Okay i have a dual boot computer, which has XP on one drive (disc 0) and windows 7 on the other (disc 1). Now if i wanted to try Comodo Time Machine would there be any problem installing on windows 7 if the MBR is on disc 0, the disc which has xp on, which i now rarely use. Mostly i boot into 7 now.

I would like to try it out but am waiting for my pre-ordered 7 to come before i do a re-format/fresh install.

Any suggestions/experiences would be appreciated.


If anyone is wondering about this Comodo Time Machine MUST be installed on each windows OS

You had at first to install CTM with “This computer is multi-boot System” option on Windows 7.
And then install CTM with “This computer is multi-boot system but i have already installed Time Machine on all other operating systems” option on Windows XP (because MBR in on disk 0).

That’s right .

So, I have 4 partitions (1 XP, 1 Win 7 32bit, Win7 64 bit and a data partition) so I need to install CTM in all 3 operating systems? Does it matter which I install into first?

Also, are there any issues using defrag software with this? I’ve had similar solutions like this that don’t like defraging!

Yes, you need to install CTM on all OS in accordance with any order.
CTM is compatible with defrag tools, but i do not propose to defrag the protected partitions.