Driver signing

I Always for get to ask this after each time i install a new version of CIS and get the firewall driver windows message asking if i want to install.

Going on what i heard that all drivers for vista need to be signed by microsoft, so does that include firewalls as well? If so, does that mean software companies like comodo have to pay for their firewall to be signed?

Drivers for Vista x64 must be signed, but not for Vista x32 I think.

I guess this would mean an expense for most companies, but not for Comodo I guess, since they have their own CA (Certificate Authority).

I did a clean install of CIS 3.9 RC1 on Vista 32 yesterday and I also got a warning for installing a driver signed by Comodo. This is just a warning you can still install nog signed drivers. Notice you can set Vista to always trust digitally signed drivers by Comodo.

The driver model in the 64 bits versions is even stricter when it comes to using non signed drivers. Bacially you can’t but it can be worked around; don’t ask details as I don’t use 64 bits Windows.