“Driver is not Active” Error (additional info)

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The questions about “Driver is not Active…” bug are reemerging periodically.
In some recent cases there is a reference to the following thread with discussions, workaround suggestion, etc.
Since the thread is locked as “Out-Dated” (???) I put some info rather observation and probably developers will have a look at this.

As it was pointed previously it seems that resources chasing at System Boot contributes to the problem. Therefore in most cases suggested “delay” method works. It may happen that introduction of new software loading on start-up may kinda “fix” the situation and you may not see the “red message” in question.

What I found recently and I can reproduce it 100% any time I would test it.
If I enable Task Scheduler Service it is guaranteed here I’ll get the error if I check CMF after reboot.

How that was “discovered”?
Well, I have ~60 unneeded services disabled. Task Scheduler is one of them.
Recently I was investigating some issues with \prefetch\ folder(files) reported in another place.
Sure the content of my prefetch was always empty (almost- only layout.ini file present), because the System needs the said service in order to create/recreate/maintain prefetched <>.PFs.
Interestingly enough, I tried reenabling other services (sure I never tried all 60 :slight_smile: ) and I did not get the result, meaning - CMF was still Ok after reboot, but as soon as I’m enabling Task Scheduler – here we go – “red alert”.
Definitely I cannot tell now whether it is just the service loading responsible or indirectly the system work with prefetched because of Task Scheduler activities.

Well, probably that is not much and circumstantial, but maybe it’s the food for some thoughts.
Hope somebody can test that and dismiss or confirm the same result I’m having here.

Currently Task Schedule is “back to normal” being disabled – no issues with CMF.

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Hi m00nbl00d,

Thanks for reply.
Well, the whole point is to start security apps on reboot - it is kinda recommended because it’s safer
Otherwise we may disable all auto-starts and then just start all of them manually (very quickly).
Another point was actually - if I don’t need the service (Task Scheduler in this case) and all other 59 (most of them are just security threats eating resources and slowing down reboot) why would I use that particular service as a workaround? :wink: That is just a delay anyway (similar to that system startup delay mentioned in referred thread)
Then without being paranoid but rather closer to reality - the attack can occur before the service starts its activity to invoke the application according to scheduled rules.
Finally, what is interesting to find is why all works perfectly regarding CMF driver issue on boot-up when there are no prefetched?

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