Driver Cache


Just started using system cleaner latest version. It certainly has dug out a fair amount of rubbish by comparison to other cleaners.

That said I notice an item called Driver Cache with several boxes ticked for cleaning that include .exe and.CAB files.

Should this really be included in the cleaning process?

Also if you finalise the cleanup is it still possible to restore to pre-cleanup. If so how do you do it?



I personally think you should leave the Driver Cache alone. It is my experience that e.g. new (unknown to the system, that is) USB sticks won’t be installed unless you keep I’ve raised this concern several times at this board, and no one says I’m wrong or right. So until then, I’ll leave Driver Cache unticked, for sure. :wink:

No, I’m afraid you can’t restore after FINALIZE. Except Registry backups, of course (you’ll find them in the Registry Cleaner).


Leoni is right. It’s not right nor wrong to delete those files. That is for the kind of people that never get enough tune-up to their computer(I used to be one of those, but nowadays I do not have enough time for it). If you installed everything it is to be installed on your computer… and you plan never to change anything on it, then you can clean that too. Gamers usually like this option: they just want a machine where games work and anything else can be disabled/removed :).
The idea is that we are trying not to restrict the users. We want to give them freedom to do whatever they want, but still protect them(that’s why we came up with SAFE DELETE and REGISTRY PROTECTION).
My advise… leave it unchecked, unless you are among the above ones. You should really know what you are about to delete.

About the second part: Stick with us and very soon you will also find Backup option in CPC and CDC modules also and yes, even after Finalize you will still be able to put those back.

Ah, thanks for confirming, and thumbs up for the upcoming backup-feature. :slight_smile: