Dragon's Auto-Update Creates a Shortcut

Dragon just auto-updated itself and left a shortcut on my desktop, which seems illogical as a shortcut would have preexisted had I desired one. :slight_smile:

Yes the unwanted shortcut and I find little setting changes every time it updates, comodo secure dns enabled when I’d previously chosen not to use it, homepage changed to Comodo etc.

I like the browser but it really needs to stop insisting on itself during updates.

Shortcut added, agreed that it should not happen.
Secure DNS, does not re-enable here.
Home page change could have been due to the extra functionality of start up settings in this version, but agree it should keep your original home page settings.

I am with you on that one. It is annoying when I select “Not to show items on the desktop,” but when I check the folder, I see an icon when I install Dragon. Worse off, when I update, it places the shortcut again.

A pain to have to keep removing it after an update, but it happens once in a while.

This has been posted in the New ideas thread some time ago. I hope it is not part of the “brand-awareness” and gets fixed soon.

Creating the desktop shortcut is not new.
Dragon has always done that.
And it is NOT the only program that does so each update. Many others do also and will continue to do so.
This imho is a feature that should remain.

why should it remain? what does the user gain from it

Why in the world do you say that? Also, after an update Dragon will reset the dragonupdater.exe service to auto again, even if it was disabled.

If I had a desktop icon, then sure, go ahead and update it, but if I didn’t have one, then don’t become adware and place one there. I have many programs, and Dragon is the only one that does this…Leave ALL of my existing settings ALONE.

Since all my browsers are set to be automatically sandboxed within Sandboxie, I had Dragon set to notify me when it was ready to update - and when I did, the dragonupdater.exe service was still set to notify me…nothing else changed…my homepage was the same…etc etc.

As for all the b#$[at]hing about the Dragon shortcut - is it really the end of the world to remove it?
Talk about ‘first world problems’ … 88)

no it’s not the end but it should have been fixed by now. dragon has done this since the beginning. last time I checked even if you manually update, you don’t even get the option to choose if you want a shortcut. it just puts it there without asking

What programs leave an icon after an update on the desktop?

There a few programs that I have that do return an icon to the desktop without asking, but the point remains clear, it is annoying as it is to have it when we do not want it, it should be optional to us.


I never have an icon added when I update Firefox.

Ditto with HeffeD, it must’ve been your first time installing it, either that or you forgot to un-check the “Add shortcut to desktop” option.

There we go, tell the devs to add that option to Dragon.

Hopefully, they are following this thread and save us time from requesting this.