Dragon with SPDY compression proxy-how to?


I read about the SPDY compression proxy feature.


My question: how can I enable/disable it in CDragon (as Chromium based browser)?



Dragon supports SPDY and uses it whenever the server supports it. Open dragon://net-internals/#spdy to see SPDY-sessions, or use this extension to see if the sites you visit support SPDY: SPDY indicator. But that is without proxy, and only for HTTPS, as SPDY always uses TLS-encryption.

SPDY + a proxy is used when using HTTP. The SPDY-connection to the proxy-server is TLS-encrypted. It’s described in Data Compression Proxy. The technique is currently available in Chrome for Android and iOS. Opera 15+ (desktop) also has the feature, as does Opera for Android, called Off-road.

As far as I know there is no way for the user to enable the use of proxies in Dragon, Chrome (desktop) etc.