"dragon_updater.exe" keeps starting "restart_helper.exe"

So, yeah noticed that over the past few days sometime my game act weird for a second or my youtube video that i’m watching in fullscreen goes to non-fullscreen or such stuff.

Process Monitor shows that when that happens
C:\Program Files (x86)\Comodo\Dragon\dragon_updater.exe
is creating a process

and that happens multiple times a day it seems, any ideas? Defense+ Lists dragon_updater.exe as Installer or Updater, also tried cahnging it to Windows System Application but that doesn’t do anything either it seems.

As for restart_helper, comodo never asks about it

Hi and welcome Pinkishu,
Comodo Message Centre is included in Dragon V29.1.
CMC is using both the the dragon_updater.exe and restart_helper.exe to check for new messages.
If you would like to disable this, please see the quote below.
Thank you.

People should be notified about this, especially as it punched a hole through Windows 7 firewall for incoming connections without me being alerted by Dragon or Windows alerts! This is the kind of behaviour I would attribute to malware not a supposedly reputable security company, no? >:(

Why does it need inbound access and what will happen if I disable it?

Thank you.

Hi cavehomme,
I expect the knowledge (Notified) of and the functions of CMC to improve in future versions.
It has only recently been included into Dragon V 29.1 as shown in Dragons V 29.1 release topic.
Comodo Dragon ver 29.1

Malware generally has malicious intentions, I can assure you that Comodo is not falling into that category.

If you disable it, all that will happen is messages from ‘Comodo Message Centre’ will cease.

Kind regards.

Thanks for the update.

A browser should not be punching holes through firewalls without asking permission. As a security vendor Comodo should know better than this. From my experience message centre is used to promote products.

You are welcome. :slight_smile:

...From my experience message centre is used to promote products.
Quote below is taken from the CIS help file.
[b]COMODO Message Center[/b] – If enabled, Comodo Message Center messages will periodically appear to keep you abreast of news in the Comodo world. They contain news about product updates, occasional requests for feedback, info about other Comodo products you may be interested to try and other general news.

Kind regards.