dragon update installation failure message, but About says v27.0.4.0

The message in the golden bar accross the top showed the announcement of update available including the DOWNLOAD and RELAUNCH cycle buttons. I chose this method of update for this occasion.

Download seemed to work. Relaunch button forced dragon to close, and then I waited,… about 3 minutes, and then a huoomf sound played and an error message came on screen saying, “Dragon update installation failure”. So Comodo Dragon never relaunched. I cleared the message dialog, and opened Comodo Dragon and … no announcement message about an update available showed accross the top. Seems odd. Update install failure but no message in C.D. about any update being ready or available.

I opened the settings menu and clicked About Comodo Dragon. The designateion of version showed Up To Date.

All this seems strange. WHAT really failed? What really happened? How do I know if I do or do not have the current version 27? How do I know the ABOUT box is correct?

Hi string_game,
To me it sounds like the error message had an error itself for an unknown reason. :wink:
Check the properties of the dragon.exe file in ‘C:\Program Files\Comodo\Dragon’ folder.
The following sites will show you what version you are running although they will show as Chrome that is all.
What is my browser

Kind regards.

All three show version

That is the current version. :-TU
If all is working fine now, it appears to have been some unknown glitch during first re-launch.
Not sure why, sorry.