dragon unresponsive on facebook

If I’m on facebook, DRagon crashes occasionally.
It just freezes up, stops responding, and then all my other tabs catch this freezing bug as well and somehow when i close facebook tab, everything goes to normal. i dun use many add on on browser(just three add ons adblock, WOT and youtube downloader).
I cleaned my computer with CCleaner, Comodo System Utlilities and my pc is not affected by malware as well… but still same problem occurs occasionally…
This is starting to frustrate me greatly.

I recently started having the same problem except the freezing up is far more than occasional. Dragon is acting like Chrome, and is the reason I left Chrome. I too have few add-ons, and have tried all the usual solutions to no avail.

Hi casachit and tsalagiman,
Please try with the PrivDog extension disabled and see if the problem persists.

Thank you.