Dragon Still Send Tracking Data To Google...

When You set your default search engine to google, then do searches from omnibox. You will see in the location bar comodo share “aqs” parameter, what is that parameter for? some characthers from my aqs parameter is always the same, even after i delete all browser’s data.

I also try from all other chromium based browsers including chrome it self. the only browser that dont send any unique data is only opera, yandex, and Iron browser.

Please clarify.

Maybe you using “Phishing and malware protection” in settings of CD.
This option is enabled by default in the “Privacy” section. When enabled, browser warns you if it detects that the site you’re trying to visit is suspected of phishing or containing malware. How I know, CD use same mechanism of antiphishing protection (if Comodo DNS disabled). Read more about it here: Manage warnings about unsafe sites - Computer - Google Chrome Help

Or maybe you used prerendering. Select Settings > click Show advanced settings.
In the “Privacy” section, use the “Predict network actions to improve page load performance” checkbox to enable or disable the feature. Speed up Google Chrome - Computer - Google Chrome Help

Just disable this two things in settings of CD and check any activity to Google again (but if you use google search you get same result).