dragon not loading pages on start

i have two monitoring sites on start
refreshing every 1 minute

  1. browser not load any page on start except active one only
  2. when monitoring sites isn’t active browser not refreshing them

Hi zlotowinfo!

Thanks for your feedback.

When starting the Dragon and the tabs are still open in it, what do you mean by not starting them? The default behaviour is to only load the content from the active tab(inherited from Chromium) in order to reduce the memory usage. And by refreshing the other tabs other than the one active you meant that when you refresh your active tab, you also want the other to refresh? Because this is not a standard Dragon behaviour. Please provide more info about how to reproduce this in order for us to test your problem and find a fix.

Comodo Browsers Team

  1. i have 16gb memory, enought to all, now must use firefox with bugged dragon
  2. i need to load on start all tabs, not need memory save
  3. after some time dragon stopping self refreshing (muting) my tabs
    with monitoring pages without reason, then on my pages i have status offline

Hi zlotowinfo !

Unfortunately the auto refresh feature on tabs that are not active can only be achieved via an extension(auto refresh). The memory save was implemented by Chrome, after many users complained about it’s high memory usage, and the fact that it keeps all tabs alive, so after a while so will pause that tab. This is unrelated to the amount of memory a user have.

Comodo Browsers Team

page self refreshing, not need any future
but not keeping refreshing by loctation.href on dragon