Dragon jump from 46 to 48


One question why dragon jump from version 46 to 48? Where is 47 or was not good version for release?
I know version 47 still preloading pages if that was true reason?

version 48 I would not recommend, it has no flashplayer so flash dependent sites does not work, unless you feel like downloading the external flashplayer from adobes home site ?

Hi Guys,
You can’t please everyone, we had some members wanting Flash excluded.
Internal or external, Dragon still uses the secure out of process (PPAPI) Flash.

As far as version 47, I think Comodo just had a delay so they skipped a version.


Due to issues we had, we could not catch v47 at right time. It was better to merge with 48 directly without releasing 47


Thanks… I thought that something wrong with version 47… And when we can expect new version 49?

solyaris242424 - yes from adobe site download and install (after finish check automatically download and install adobe flash updates) then will create task in task scheduler (automatically will check if you have latest falsh player installed) - see screenshot.

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