dragon_id file in programme's folder

Hi ! I’ve noticed this “dragon-id” file in Dragon’s programme folder,
containing an 11-digit number. Out of concerns over privacy, I’d like to
learn what that number means, how/by what it’s used, to what/whom it is
eventually accessible, and whether the number is unique to the user, the computer,
or browser version, whatever ? Can I change it freely if I’m feeling paranoïd ?

More generally, are there any known unique identifiers in one’s installation of
the Comodo browser, if so, which/where and are they user changeable/neuterable ?


Hello Czerno, it’s just a dragon id, it is the same for all 25050003001, it is needed for windows to recognize our browser

Thank you, Sergiu90 !

dragon id is the same for all 25050003001…
Good to know

it is needed for windows to recognize our browser
Is it ? … oh! well ! I’ll take your word for it. Of course I haven’t (and won’t) peek('d) at the source code.