dragon freezes when

it freezes when i use the address bar to search info, the cpu usage ups to 100% and it stays that way a long period of time.

Hi, andrewuaic.

Could you give more details, please:

  • Your Dragon version
  • Your OS configuration ( i.e. "Windows XP pro SP3 x86 ")
  • Do you have any security software installed ? If so, could you list it :slight_smile: ?
  • Under which user account have you run Dragon ( administrative/ non administrative privileges ) ?

Thanks in advance.


Dragon version :
Windows XP pro SP3 x86 updated
only security software Comodo Internet Security 4 (Firewall, Antivirus, Defense+, Sandboxed all enabled) Firewall - Custom policy, Defense+ - Paranoid, Antivirus - Statefull
Administrative account
Dragon is not run sandboxed

One more detail:

  • what’s your default search provider in Dragon ? (Options->Basic tab )
  • Could you try to disable all of CIS options to see if problem still exists.

the default search provider is the default search provider - google, i will try to disable cis4 to see if problem persists, i’ll be back with ana asnwer in 1,2 days tops

i don’t know if it helps but i think dragon freezes when i search some info and the internet connection is interrupted, quite strange but google chrome behaves the same but the system freeze is not as bad as dragon’s