Dragon freezes when calling Windows Explorer Save As... box

When a website has a file upload button or I attempt to save a file from a website and it is suppose to bring up the Save As… box so I can choose where to save the file or where the file I want to upload is located - Dragon freezes and is non-responsive. I have to open the Task manager and end the task. I restore Dragon and am able to interact with Windows explorer at least once before it will freeze again on the next upload/download attempt. I am getting no error messages. It seems to be happening since the last Dragon update

I have Dragon Version 72.0.3626.81 (64-bit) for Windows 10 on my desktop with the default install location. I have admin permissions

I did create a new profile with no extra extensions and Dragon still freezes during file upload/download attempts

I have Google Chrome on this machine and have had no issues with it freezing when trying to upload or download from a website